In the second year of adopting continuous publication in 2019 to the future and the year coming to a halt, De Jure Law Journal has pleasure in presenting volume 53 of 2020. Achieving this task was not an easy journey bearing in mind the challenges posed by COVID 19 across the globe, but we managed to pull this volume with success. As a Journal we are still committed and remain resolute to deliver cutting edge research outputs, despite facing the challenges imposed by the pandemic. The contributors/authors have once again paved the way for interesting discussions on a wide variety of topics based on both domestic and international laws. This includes the following themes: Criminal and Civil Procedure; Banking law; Competition and Intellectual Property law; Property law; Gender based Violence (GBV) which has been described as a second pandemic in South Africa due to its severe impact on society; Human Rights; Food Security; Tax law and regulations; African Customary law and Islamic law; Family law; Access to Justice; and last but not least, the impact of COVID 19 in society.

The editorial committee would like to express gratitude to our editorial assistant Mr Shammah Boterere for his diligent assistance during the production of this volume, and Mrs Amelia Jansen for her commitment and hard work in relation to administration. We would also like to express our gratitude to the team of Pretoria University Law Press (PULP), and especially Mrs Lizette Hermann, for making this volume meaningful and possible.

Prof CA Maimela