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The open society: What does it really mean? Written by Lourika 1807
Comparative analysis of commorientes – a South African perspective: Part 1 Written by Lourika 3463
Solid organs transplanted from HIV-positive dead donors to HIV-negative recipients: should it be allowed? Written by Lourika 2871
The ‘law of general application’ requirement in expropriation law and the impact of the Expropriation Bill of 2015 Written by Lourika 4773
Intrusion into the autonomy of South African local government: Advancing the minority judgment in the Merafong City case Written by Lourika 4604
The potential effect of the economic partnership agreements between EU and Africa on article 22 of the African Charter Written by Lourika 2324
To replace the Friendly Society Act 25 of 1956 with the proposed Insurance Bill 2015; a new perspective on society members’ benefits in exchange for a premium Written by Lourika 5184
An assessment of the realisation of inmates’ right to adequate medical treatment since the adoption of the South African Constitution in 1996 Written by Lourika 4847
The Kariba case – the watering down of the binding offer in South African business rescue proceedings Written by Lourika 3692
The protection of stakeholders: the South African social and ethics committee and the United Kingdom’s enlightened shareholder value approach: Part 2 Written by Lourika 2868
The Harpy Eagle and the Amazon rainforest in Brazilian federal law - thoughts on environmental law and the conservation of birds of prey and their habitat Written by Lourika 5335
Table of Contents: 50 Volume 2 2017 Written by Lourika 6494
Recent Case Law: 50 Volume 2 2017 Written by Lourika 3740
Editorial: 50 Volume 2 2017 Written by Lourika 3348
Articles: 50 Vol 2 2017 Written by Lourika 3327
J v J 2016 ZAKZDHC 33 (unreported) Written by Lourika 4391
Aantekeninge / Notes Written by Lourika 2326

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